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Jul. 28, 2013 (Sun.) An Unexpected Crow
9sec. / sound
iP4S / Pr

While I was sitting on a bench with my guard down, there was a crow very near me.

Jul. 21, 2013 (Sun.) Magnifying Glass and Firework
3min. 5sec. / sound
5D2 / PCM-D50 / Pr

A way to ignite a firework.

Jul. 13, 2013 (Sat.) 3 Minutes +
7min. 50sec. / sound
5D2 / Pr

From when my friend started preparing a Cup of Noodles until he ate them.

Jul. 6, 2013 (Sat.) GARDEN
1min. / sound
5D2 / Pr

This is my mother's garden at my parents' house.
When I was young, I started to record pictures here by using a Single-8 camera.