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Sep. 28, 2014 (Sun.) Catch & Release
41sec. / sound
CX535 / Pr

My friend released a wild bird which had come fluttering into the room.

Sep. 21, 2014 (Sun.) Let It Be Unmarked
2min. 25sec. / sound
5D2 / PCM-D50 / Pr

I think the form of a paper cup is beautiful.
Especially, a cup with coffee seems to have some kind of story.

Sep. 14, 2014 (Sun.) An Island on a Lake
2min. 50sec. / sound
5D2 / PCM-D50 / Pr

The towel coming up to the surface of the water is like an island; it reminds me of my childhood.

Sep. 7, 2014 (Sun.) Drowning the Flame
1min. 10sec. / sound
iP5S / Pr

Today, my family held a ceremony for the first anniversary of my father's death.
The drizzle was on ideal condition to remember the departed by.